Installing Sun's License Software

  1. Insert the Adminsuite cdrom

  2. cd to /cdrom/solstice_sysmgt_2_2
    The automount daemon should perform the mounting of the cdrom for you.

    The exact name of this final directory may change depending upon the release level of the FLEXlm software.

  3. Run the lic_install script

  4. Select option 1 License Server Installation

  5. Press < return > to confirm your selection

  6. Enter y to continue with the installation

  7. Enter y to confirm change to /etc

  8. Enter y to run setuid scripts

  9. Select option 0 Quit the License Installation

  10. Create a userid for the License Server Daemon

    The license server daemon does not have to run as root. In fact it is recommended that the daemon NOT run as root as this may open a security hole.

    A recommendation for your license server startup script:
    su username -c 'umask 022; /path/lmgrd -c /path/license.dat -l /path/log

    So edit /etc/rc2.d/S85lmgrd and replace

    $licdir/${lmgrd} -c $licdir/$licfile >> /tmp/license_log 2>&1 &


    su - username -c '$licdir/${lmgrd} -c $licdir/$licfile' >> /tmp/license_log 2>&1 &

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